Here are a few links to You tube for pieces from Once Around the Sun (formerly The Atelier).

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Once Around the Sun is a collection of 365 solo guitar pieces, one for each day of a year. The first volume of ninety one works was written over a seven week period in early 2017 and theopus is currently in progress with the expectation that it will be completed by the end of 2019. Once Around the Sun was conceived to reflect the natural creative pursuit for the composer  engaged in art making as an essential everyday experience. My workshop is the daily exercise of my compositional creative practice exploring concepts, strategies and aesthetics, albeit in a constrained time frame, aiming to write a piece over a day or two. I see this work as a resource for players and teachers at all levels. The first volume (nos. 1 -91) is presented chronologically, in the order that they were composed.The works are most often under 3 minutes each and characterized by essential ideas or techniques. The pieces’ development and form are most often akin to “inventions” than say, fully thematically explored …

Sample pages from Volume 1 (nos. 1 -91) Once Around the Sun